How long does it take for a dead rat to start smelling, and then stop smelling?

Rats are not limited to just open habitats; you may find them all over the world. They love to live with humans where they can get food in excessive amounts. You may also find them within your home if you have a garden or trees near to your home. 

Animals like raccoons, rats, and mice may find their way into your basement, attic air duct, or deck. If they got stuck in the entry point, they could chew the wall to enter into the home. 

What if they got stuck and did not get any way to get out? They are going to die in this situation. Most people found them invents in the dead condition when they start producing a bad smell. 

You will be lucky if you find them live within your house, its easy to trap them as compared to finding a dead rat and then removing them. 

What will happen if a rat died in your home?

They are going to start smelling that will be difficult to bear. They start smelling three days later after they died. It also based on the environment and temperature. As compare to hot they will take more time in colder to start decomposing and smelling. The odor will be light as you may feel some times, but after the three days, the odor will get worst and will force you to find the dead body and remove it as soon as possible. 

The strength of the dead rat depends on the location like in the basement you may feel after three days, but the dead rats in the attic you may feel it a few days later as they will start decomposing properly. The other factor is temperature. Decomposition mainly based on temperature. 

How long it takes to stop smelling? 

The smell of dead rat will gradually reduce once the body decomposed properly. The smell will start to fade, but it will take 3-4 weeks. 

We will suggest you remove the rat dead body and then eliminate the odor; otherwise, there are chances that it may stick to the furniture, wall, or even with your clothes. 

How to remove the dead body?

You have to use protection while removing the rat. Use gloves and face masks. Remove the body and dropping. Add the waste into the plastic bags and close them properly. Wash the area to remove the decomposition stain. 

How to remove the dead rat odor?

It may take 3-4 weeks to fade out the smell so its better to use quick remedies that will help to remove the odor within a few hours. You can use water and bleach solution and spray them throughout the area, spray it on the walls if you feel the smell is stick to them. Let the area to be dry and open the windows so the fresh air can come in. The odor will be removed as the area will be dry. 

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