Armadillo Extermination

Armadillos belong to the same family of mammals like the sloth and anteaters; their body is made of leathery material which is known as armor. They love to nest in rock piles, around trees or deep in thick shrubs, and they love burrowing.

Armadillos are attracted to tasty fruits that may be found in a garden or compost file. And once they are coming around your home, expect them to return every night as they are mostly nocturnal. They love to eat grubs, worms and earthworms. Therefore, if you leave your lawns untended, it will develop beetle grubs population, which will definitely attract armadillos from anywhere.

Armadillos are nuisance pests because of their burrowing lifestyles that leave small holes all over a yard, which can sometimes lead to uprooting of mulch and roots and the destruction of landscaping. If you are having a problem with armadillos and you have tried all preventive methods to no avail, below are some of the lethal and humane methods to exterminate it:


Killing armadillos might be your last resort to getting rid of these nocturnal animals causing nuisance in your yards. Using a lethal trap such as Connibear 120 or 220 will definitely work. To carry this out effectively, just place the trap over the armadillos burrow opening and wait. The trap will grip the armadillo and put a lot of pressure on it till it dies within a short time. However, this trap is a very strong one and needs to be handled by a professional because it is highly dangerous. You should also apply necessary safety precautions as any mistake can lead to injury to your body parts. Make sure you check the trap regularly to see if any armadillo is trapped, and dispose the dead body away as soon as possible to avoid the carcass from causing unpleasant smells.


This is another effective method to exterminate armadillos if used properly. Therefore, if you own a gun or you are permitted to shoot, you can use a gun to kill armadillos. However, the gun must be powerful enough to pierce through the armadillos armor though not as strong as a turtles shell, but it provides some level of protection to them. Shooting armadillos is somehow difficult because you cant see them for long as they are very active in the night for a short period, they sleep for 20 hours a day, so the remaining time is used for finding grubs and worms to eat. 


The major problem with poisoning armadillos is that it seldom works because armadillos does not eat surface or laid out foods. They prefer to dig up worms and live insects, and the only poisons that are likely to work are the ones that resemble worms and insect in appearance and behavior. Due to this, some manufacturers have produced poisons that are worm-shaped to trick armadillos into eating them.


This is one of the easiest and most effective means of removing armadillos from the home or garden. Use a large cage trap, and place it near the path leading to their burrow or over the burrow. When the animal is trapped inside the cage, you can decide to kill it by shooting or drowning it.

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